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[BSPIxCryptoBase Joint Project No. 4]Kaga City Web3 Consortium Launches! A night to showcase the real commitment of Kaga City to the local development of Web3 policy in earnest!


Yamashiro Onsen, Yamanaka Onsen, Katayamazu Onsen, Kanou crab, gas shrimp, duck, Kaga vegetables, Kutani ware, Kitamaebune, ruby romance, Nakaya Ukichiro, Kitaoji Rosanjin, Kaga maple, DMM, … just to name a few keywords associated with Kaga City, Ishikawa, and you can feel its richness. The mayor of such a charming city, Riku Miyamoto, is a man of incredibly light footwork. 2018, Mayor Miyamoto contacted me on my Facebook Messanger to meet with me. Once I suspected it was a mistake, but he immediately came to Tokyo the next week or so to meet with me. The crypto world was in the midst of its current crypto winter, following the Coincheck incident and the bursting of the ICO bubble. It was during this time that I was approached by the city of Kaga about promoting blockchain initiatives. The Japan Blockchain Association (JBA), to which I belonged as Secretary General at the time, set up a membership quota for local governments for the first time, and Kaga City was the first to join. I visited Kaga City several times to hold seminars for city officials and introduce JBA members.

 Four years have passed since then. Mayor Miyamoto heard the news and contacted me again, and my relationship with Kaga City was re-started. During the past four years, several companies had attempted to develop blockchain-related businesses in Kaga, but they had been unable to continue successfully. Kaga City is facing serious problems such as population decline, as it is listed as a “Potential Disappearing City” as a municipality in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture. The mayor asked me to develop the recent Web3 movement in Kaga City in order to increase the population and other related activities.

 I have been to Kaga many more times than I did four years ago, visited various places in the city, talked with the citizens, and deeply learned about and experienced Kaga City. It is a very rich place for those of us living in Tokyo, and I thought that by guiding and collaborating with capable people outside the city through the Web3 initiative, we could enliven Kaga City in a different way. Furthermore, we thought that there was a possibility to increase the number of people living in the city, rather than making it a potentially vanishing city.
 On December 11, 2022, BSPI concluded a collaboration agreement with Kaga City to build the “Hokuriku Web 3.0 Project with e-Kaga Citizens.

 At the next event, Mr. Yamauchi, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Kaga City Hall, who is leading this Web3 project, and Mr. Satake, representative of Root-N Corporation, which is engaged in tourism and education businesses. We are planning to invite these two people, who are working more than others to enliven Kaga City in both the municipal and private sectors, from Kaga City to Shibuya to showcase the seriousness of Web3 initiatives in Kaga City and the charms of Kaga City. We would be very happy if you could come.

[Event title]
[BSPIxCryptoBase Joint Project No. 4] Kaga City Web3 Consortium Launches! A night to showcase the real commitment of Kaga City to the local development of Web3 policy in earnest!

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[Date & Time]
Monday, February 6, 2023, 19:00 – 21:00 (doors open 18:45)

Sakuragaoka Front II 3F, 16-13 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Satoshi Yamauchi (Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Kaga, Ishikawa, Japan)
Kohei Satake (Founder and CEO, Root-N Inc.)
Keiichi Hida (Founder and CEO, Blockchain Strategic Policy Institute Co., Ltd.)

18:45 Doors open
19:00-19:30 Presentations (by Mr. Yamauchi and Mr. Satake)
19:30 – 20:30 Talk
20:30 – 21:00 Socializing

1500 yen/person via Peatix

[Organized by]
Blockchain Strategy and Policy Institute, Inc.

[Speaker Profile]
Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Since his appointment as CDO in September 2009, he has been in charge of Kaga City’s overall digital strategy. His major achievements include: the Digital Minister Award for the nation’s top-class dissemination of the My Number Card (October 2009), designation as the first special national strategic zone (digital rural health zone) in the three prefectures of Hokuriku (April 2010), a collaboration agreement with Preferred Networks, the largest unicorn company in Japan (June 2010), and the 2010 Kaga’s Quantum Park concept utilizing the Nobel Prize in Physics Quantum Entanglement technology was announced (October 2010), and Kaga’s version of the web3city concept was announced (December 2010).

Founder and CEO, Root-N Co. Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. After living as a student in Kyoto, moved to Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture in August 2019. In order to continue to utilize the endemic nature of Kaga, he founded Root-N Inc. with the vision of “continuing to be a Kaga Fudoki” and developed his business. He operates “Kagaribe,” a service that creates custom-made tours and provides guided tours and a Kaga-related information center. At the same time, he participates in various aspects of community development, including educational projects such as STEAM education in Kaga City and small-scale hydroelectric power generation.

Founder and CEO of Blockchain Strategy & Policy Institute, Inc.
While in college, Mr. Keiichi Hida joined Tokyo Metallic Communications Co. He dropped out of the Department of Electronic Engineering at the Japan Vocational Ability Development University.
He joined the Japan Association of Value-Added Businesses (JADA) as Secretary General in September 2002, which was reorganized into the Blockchain Association of Japan in April 2004, and served as Secretary General until October 2006. Participated in the formulation of legislation, tax reform, accounting standards, etc. related to crypto assets (virtual currency). He has given numerous lectures at government and business organizations in Japan. He has spoken at conferences overseas (Taiwan, Korea, Ukraine).
In January 2010, he established the Blockchain Strategy and Policy Institute, Inc. and assumed the position of Representative Director. In the same month, he became an advisor to the Japan Blockchain Association.

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Keiichi Hida, Co-founder and CEO

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